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In today's fast paced digital era where emails, texts, tweets, and instagram rule communication, traditional postal mail is evolving.  It's making its way into the digital realm, offering you the convenience of managing your letters and packages withou ever handling an envelope or a box.  All of this is possible through your pc or smart device, accessible from anywhere across the globe.


When you choose to utilize a digital mailbox from Burbank Shipping Center, you gain access to real street address in Burbank, CA.  This address serves as the gateway for receiving all your letter mail and packages.  Once we receive an item the power is in your hands through an intuitive online app.

Our Comprehensive Digital Mailbox Services Include:

  • Envelope Scanning: Get a glimpse of who sent the mail.

  • Content Scanning: Access the contents remotely by having them scanned.

  • Mail and Package Forwarding: Ensure you receive what you need, where you are.

  • Secure Mail Shredding: Dispose of unwanted mail securely.

  • Check Deposit: Easily deposit checks received in the mail.

  • And More!

For Mailbox Rentals with a real street address in Los Angeles, Burbank Shipping Center offers the most affordable and convenient solution.  Our 24-hour access Mailbox Rentals are perfect for individuals and businesses looking for a Cheap Mailbox Rental option.  Get the benefits of Real Street Address Mailbox without breaking the bank.


Are you traveling frequently? Our Digital Mailbox Service provides you with the flexibility to manage your mail from anywhere, just like the services offered by Ipostal1 and Anytime Mailbox.



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