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Secure Document Shredding In Burbank, CA


We've been shredding in Burbank for over 15 years! 

Email us to schedule shredding pick up or onsite shredding at


Identity Theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the US today, and the single most effective method of eliminating Identity Theft is to shred your sensitive documents. Burbank Shipping Center provides industrial-grade shredding services at affordable prices.

By the pallet or by the pound, we’ll make sure your documents end up in a million pieces.

Shredding cost at this location is $1.19  per pound, no min required.


By the Pallet or Pound!  Boxes or Bags! You have it, We shred it!

X-Ray Film Recycling We Pick up anywhere in Los Angeles Area.  No Minimum or Maximum


Safe Shredding - Safest shredding service, insured and bonded

Reliable Shredding - Reliable and trusted shredding for a low price, rated best shredding in Burbank and Glendale ca

Trusted Shredding - Insured and Bonded shredding for a great low price, Trusted company and mailing center that works with a trusted shredding company


Onsite Shredding - Stored onsite in locked bins in a locked room, insured and bonded, shredding company comes onsite and shreds papers


Shredding Near Me - Lowest priced shredding available near you with great customer service, Number one shredding service available


Shredding in Glendale and Burbank - Number one shredding service, Local or Corporate shredding available for a low price


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For more information on our secure document shredding service, call 818-846-1400 . Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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